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Toraja buffalo spotted this car for Alphard

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kerbau-belang-torajaTana Toraja in South Sulawesi has long been known with its unique culture, especially the funeral procession. A big party in honor mandatory. Funds can be spent up to billions of dollars.

As witnessed merdeka.com, Friday (28/12) ago. At that time, a large family held a funeral Tallulembang. One of the family’s relatives who died there since a few months ago.

About Makale – Tana Toraja

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makaleMakale is the center of government administration and Tana Toraja. It began as a small town Tondon market, where merchants came to trade clothes bugis and buy coffee. Many traders and distances from the place of origin of the Bugis traders make them choose to start building a place to stay not too far from the market. The area around the nails and to’kaluku then slowly evolved into the merchant’s residence.

Gateway to Cultural Uniqueness Toraja

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Gerbang Toraja2The Toraja in South Sulawesi store unique tradition that captivate tourists to come. Before the ritual steeped in the unique Toraja tribe, it’s good to see the first Rantepao.

Rantepao is a small town in North Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi. This city could be called the cultural center of Toraja, Toraja culture as well as the gate unique.


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Slide_01Tongkonan is a traditional house Toraja society. The roof is curved like a boat, consisting of bamboo structure (currently part tongkonan using tin roof). On the front there is a row of buffalo horn. The interior of the room used as a bed and a kitchen. Tongkonan used also as a great place to hold a family meeting family meetings, but it Tongkonan can also be used to store corpses.