In this area, you can find about 56 stones in a circle with 4 trees in the middle. Most

Megalithic stone of the nobles in Bori Kalimbuang

Bori Kalimbuang is an arrangement of megalithic stone complex which stands towering abo


Ke’te Kesu means the center of peoples activities namely the presence of the township

The tombs of the nobles, LEMO

Lemo is a tomb made on the rocks hill. This hill was named Lemo because of its s

The tombs of the nobles, LONDA

Then, the second exotic tourist destination in Tana Toraja is Londa. It is a typical fu


Located at 12 Km to the north of Rantepao, Pallawa is a traditional house of Tana Toraj

Rafting on the River Sa’dan

Sa’dan river is about 182 km long and about 80 meters wide. It has approximately 294

Rambu Solo Funeral Ceremony

Rambu solo is Tana Toraja’s traditional funeral ceremony intending to honor and deli